MobileMe FAIL: is Down

As many of you know, I switched from iWeb to blogger for my blogging needs a few months back because MobileMe was a non-stop series of FAILs. However, because I'm still paying $99 a year for my MobileMe account, and it still has 20 GB of storage (well, 19 for files, and 1 for mail), I've been using it as a no-frills file host for my various web sites.

So, imagine my surprise when I came to my site earlier today and saw no background image. Well, after clicking around a little bit, it turns out is down.

I've already switched the file location on the background image, but the Buffy section and the Media Library are too big to move quickly. So I just have to hope Apple isn't too busy with the iPad launch to fix this problem. If you see anything wonky on the site, just let me know.

UPDATE (6:30 PM): Everything seems to be working again. No explanation from Apple about why the downtime occurred, but since file hosting isn't a well-advertised feature of MobileMe, that's not really a shock.