Jersey Monday: Mario Lemieux

I was planning on having this be a college hoops related Jersey Monday, in honor of the Final Four being set, but of the 14 college hoops jerseys I own, 0 of them are from Butler, Tennessee, Michigan State or Duke, so let's just move on to another sport...

How about hockey?

I haven't done an NHL-related Jersey Monday yet, mostly because I don't own many NHL jerseys. This Mario Lemieux classic is one of just seven in my collection, and four of those are Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys. I didn't count myself as a Penguins fan until the late '90s, specifically after the Hartford Whalers left town. With no more local team to root for, I ended up with the Penguins, mostly because of my family's Pittsburgh roots and because they had Ron Francis, who had been my favorite Whaler. Now I've got two Lemieux jerseys, one Jagr and one that's blank on the back (the "alternate" from a couple years ago when they brought back the skating penguin before making it their official home jersey).

Despite the old school look of this one (you can't see the front, but it's the original skating penguin logo from the mid-'80s), I didn't get this jersey until very recently. I picked it up online for about $45. It's not a real authentic (and trust me, with hockey jerseys, you can tell the difference), but at that price I couldn't pass it up. Eventually I'll get a real NHL authentic, and that'll probably be a Penguins jersey too. But if I do that, I'll go with Malkin over Crosby. As much as I want to, I just can't like Crosby. I'd blame it on him scoring the gold-medal winning goal against Team USA, but my anti-Crosby stance pre-dates that. He's just an ass (but don't tell any Capitals fans I said that, mostly because I think Ovie is an ass too).