Jersey Monday: Dwight Gooden

So for the first two days of the NCAA Tournament every year, my workplace lets us wear jerseys of our favorite teams to work. They don't have to be college hoops jerseys, so you get to see a whole bunch of jersey diversity in the workplace. In past years I've done a lot of LeBron James and Redskins wearing, but this year (after rocking LeBron on Thursday) I went with my Dwight Gooden 1986 Mets jersey.

Obviously, if this had been a jersey I purchased in 1986, it wouldn't come close to fitting me. But I bought this jersey in 2004, along with two other Mitchell and Ness jerseys (you can read all about it in this blog post from that day). I've rarely worn it since then, because I really enjoy keeping it in crisp condition. It's a very nice jersey, with the over-sized nameplate and the Mets 25th anniversary patch on the sleeve, and obviously represents the most recent (I refuse to say "last") Mets World Series title.

Gooden was obviously a phenom who burned out way too fast, but he was never my favorite player on those '80s Mets teams. No, that was Keith Hernandez, who, in addition to wearing my favorite number, played my little league position and had that sweet mustache. And if I'd set out to buy an '86 Mets jersey, it would have been Hernandez's, but I never anticipated randomly coming across a Gooden Mitchell & Ness jersey at a local store. And given that I rarely wear baseball jerseys, I don't anticipate dropping $250 on a Hernandez jersey anytime soon (then again, it has been almost six years since I purchased the Gooden jersey, so I'm not sure this qualifies as "soon" anymore).

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile. And yes, I promise that eventually I'll spotlight a baseball jersey that ISN'T a Mets jersey.