Jersey Monday: Chris Webber

It's Championship Week in college basketball, so let's spotlight one of my favorite college hoops jerseys, my Chris Webber authentic Michigan jersey.

Webber only played two seasons with the Wolverines, but led them to the NCAA Championship game in both seasons (losing to Duke in '92 and UNC in '93). A few years later, Nike put out a series of NCAA Throwback jerseys for the players on its roster, and Webber was one of them.

That inclusion is what allows this jersey to exist with Webber's name on its back. Schools can sell numbered jerseys of active players, but can't put the names on the back while the player has amateur eligibility left, so it's rare to see a jersey like this. I happened to come across this one when I was working at Marshalls, and picked it up for $20.

About a year later, I had a friend get it signed for me when the then-Bullets were visiting the Celtics (as a thank you to him, I gave him my Chris Webber replica Bullets jersey, which he also got signed). I obviously haven't worn the jersey since, and I'm still waiting to get it framed, but at one point in high school, this was a staple of my wardrobe.

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile.