Friday Five - TV Shows I Enjoyed This Week

Consider this a combination of "Friday Five" and "Series of Tubes", since I've been behind on sharing my thoughts on TV episodes this week (and haven't done a Friday Five in awhile either).

Chuck - "Chuck Versus the Beard"
I've always thought the strength of this show was the supporting cast (particularly Morgan and Ellie) and when its stories dealt more with Chuck's regular life than his spy life. This season had been very spy heavy, so this episode was a welcome breath of fresh air. Hopefully they'll keep up the Morgan momentum while also finding a way to make sure Ellie and Awesome don't bail for Africa. Oh, also, the Buy More revolution scenes were hilarious. I could use more Big Mike on the show.

How I Met Your Mother - "Of Course"
I'll be honest, I didn't really like the whole "Robin is still dealing with the emotions of her breakup with Barney" thing. It didn't seem to fit the character. That said, the Jennifer Lopez cameo was amazing, both in comedy (she played a great foil for Barney) and in looks. She's still got it. Also, the "bang, bang" song that Marshall came up with WAS catchy.

Castle - "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"
Murder+S&M Club+Hot Women=awesome. I find myself enjoying this show more and more on a weekly basis. Do I wish Nathan Fillion was currently in his eighth season of playing Malcolm Reynolds on "Firefly"? Of course. But saving that, this is probably the best role for him on a weekly basis. It was nice to see the Castle-Beckett dynamic reversed a little bit in the S&M setting. Normally Castle is the over-sexed one, but he seemed mildly uncomfortable with the whole thing, while Beckett dealt with it just fine. It really added a nice extra layer to the characters.

Lost - "Dr. Linus"
This has been written up and down the Internet all week, but that was Michael Emerson's Emmy episode. Beyond that though, I think I figured something out about the flash-sideways scenes (the ones that take place in the universe in which the Island sank in 1977). The main characters seem to face similar challenges to what they've faced in their Island-verse lives. The ones who choose to make the same mistakes (i.e. Kate, Sayid) end up on Locke's team, while the ones who redeem themselves (Jack, Ben) end up on Jacob's team. Of course, I could be completely wrong. Still, it was incredibly cool to get a mention of the Island in Ben's flash-sideways, acknowledging that this was, up until Juliet set off the bomb, the same universe we'd seen for the first five seasons of "Lost".

30 Rock - "Future Husband"
This show is the one that makes me laugh consistently more than any other currently on television. Seeing Jenna try and give acting lessons to Tracy was beyond absurd. Also, Kenneth's "donkey episodes" were continually funny, without getting old (a lesson "Family Guy" could stand to learn). The gag with the voice-overs where they inserted Olympic results was great, and I really liked the references to Comcast's real-life purchase of NBC, even without Comcast being actually named (instead they used a generic name for "a cable company from Philadelphia").