Desktop Girl of the Week: Alyson Hannigan

Now that the Olympics are over, my standard slate of TV shows is pretty much back on the air, which meant I had plenty of eye candy to pick from for this week's Desktop Girl of the Week.

Yes, when browsing the archive this weekend, I realized that somehow, I've never spotlighted Alyson Hannigan, so it's definitely time.

Sure, you can see her every week now on "How I Met Your Mother", but Lily Aldrin will never be my immediate association when it comes to Hannigan. No, that honor will always fall to Willow Rosenberg, the super-powered witch from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I adore Willow, probably more than any other character in the history of television. She's hot, she's a redhead, she's a witch, and she's a lesbian. Sure, that means I've got no shot with her, but she's still awesome.

Nearly seven years ago, Hannigan married Alexis Denisof, who's best known for playing Wesley on "Buffy" and "Angel", so it's incredibly weird to think of them as married (and it got even weirder when Denisof did a guest run on "HIMYM" as Robin's pompous co-anchor). I mean, Willow... married... to Wesley?! First of all, he's a guy. Second, he's dead. Third, he's WESLEY! I mean, what would Fred think!? (and speaking of Fred, I might have to spotlight Amy Acker at some point in the near future).

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