"Charmed" Comic? Count me... out?

For those of you who've know me for awhile, you know my love affair with the show "Charmed". I once bought a set of episodes on VHS, including the original pilot with Lori Rom as Phoebe (she was replaced by Alyssa Milano for the actual series, in one of the best casting upgrades in TV history). I used to record the episodes on my computer and burn them to disc -- and this was back in '99 with one of the earliest TV tuner products, a CD burner and VCD software. I even dropped a class in college because it conflicted with Charmed's Thursday night slot (to be fair, I had other reasons for dropping that class too, but the "Charmed" conflict definitely played into the decision).

So when I got an e-mail last night announcing a pre-order for the upcoming "Charmed" comic, I should have been really excited right? Well, actually, wrong.

See, by the time "Charmed" completed its 8-year run back in 2006, I felt like it had stayed beyond its creative peak. Also, more importantly from the perspective of the comic, I feel like the show did a good job covering the available character arcs for the three main characters, and came to a relatively satisfying conclusion, even going as far as to include a future-set epilogue in the series finale.

Now, much like the "Buffy Season 8" comic series from Dark Horse and the "Angel: After the Fall" series from IDW, the "Charmed" series from Zenescope is going to pick up where the series ended. However, I don't think that works for "Charmed". Think about it. While "Buffy" ended with the Sunnydale Hellmouth destroyed, the final scene had much more of a sense of open-endedness, a "where do we go from here" moment (if you'll excuse the "Once More, With Feeling" reference). "Angel" was even more in need of a a post-series comic, having ended on a cliffhanger.

But "Charmed" didn't end with open-endedness and didn't end on a cliffhanger. It ended with the Triad, Dumain and Christy destroyed. Piper and Leo, Paige and Henry and Phoebe and Coop all live happily ever after, with many kids and grandkids and perfect lives. I don't need to see how they got from the destruction of the Triad to elderly Piper reading to her grandkids, because nothing in there will match up to the stories from the show. By the time Season 8 was over, all of "Charmed"'s best villains -- The Council, The Source, Cole/Belthazor, The Triad, The Source, The Oracle, The Seer, Gideon, Barbas, The Avatars, Zankou and Christy -- had all been vanquished. Who's left for them to fight.

I actually would have liked to read a "Charmed" series that borrowed its premise from the old Dark Horse "Buffy" series, a non-canon series with one-off stories set at the same time as the original TV series. That would have given us a chance to see some of those great older characters along with Prue (Shannen Doherty), the original Halliwell sister who died at the end of Season 3 and was replaced by Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan). Instead, we get the ongoing stories of Paige, Piper, Phoebe and [shudder] Billie, after they've settled down in their relationship lives and defeated any reasonably powerful threat they've faced.

Of course, those of you that know me know I'll probably still be buying this comic when it comes out. I mean, it's "Charmed" for Goddess's sake. I'm just not as excited about it as I could have been.


  1. New villans will be introduced, obviously. New, probably better (with Paul Ruditis as head writer) storylines etc.

    There's a whole discussion over at Shadowtales.proboards.com which is really interesting.

  2. I love Charmed, and I hope they just dont mess up the awsomeness of the story. You say you got an email asking if you wanted to pre-order? Where did this e-mail come from because I wan to preorder!

  3. Cinequest.com. They've got a lot of great "Charmed" merchandise.


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