OK, so at least three times in the past week I intended to update this site, and at one point, at least a couple days ago, I even launched GoLive to do something, but I always got caught up with other things (in fact, while I was posting this, I got distracted by the need to update my ESPN HD calendar, to the point that it took me almost 90 minutes to finish this update). So, in the spirit of that, I figure we can recap those other things.

Tuesday and Wednesday I just didn't have much of an interest in updating the site. Well, that's not entirely true, since Wednesday I did get most of my stuff from Modern Performance, including my new taillights, clear corners and even my intake. That all came the same day I bought a bunch of stuff from PepBoys, which made the inside of my car look really awesome. I'm hoping to get most of that stuff installed this week, with Pooz's help of course.

Also, I should mention that Wednesday night, Geoff and Shawn came over and we all watched "Catwoman," which might be the worst movie ever made. Seriously, the story is atrocious, the action is pathetically CGI'd and the direction actually made Geoff woozy. There were so many quick cuts, it was like they were trying to hide something (likely the shittiness of the movie). It was almost too bad to be enjoyable to make fun of, but we found a way.

Thursday was the day that Pooz got really sick (a day after watching "Catwoman," make of that what you will). He came home from work around 11:30 (which was weird in of itself, what with me sitting on the couch, Dave in his room and then someone randomly opening the porch door when Pooz was supposed to be at work) then proceeded to throw up a whole bunch of times. It was anti-good. He ended up having to go to the hospital and spent the night there, then spent the next day at his parents house before coming home Friday night. Oh, and my wheels arrived on Thursday as well, though that wasn't nearly as momentous as Pooz's battle with death (though, because he did win, he remains an undefeated deathfighter).

Friday, I worked until 10 p.m., then when I came home I was pretty tired, so I wasn't going to take the time to update the site. I'm sure I did something, though I can't really remember what I did specifically. Obviously it wasn't too important.

Saturday I had the whole "work until 10, then go in at 10 a.m. on Sunday" thing, though I'm pretty sure that was the night I launched GoLive, intending to update the site. I did put in my clear third light Saturday morning, and I took a bunch of car pictures right after that, so that's probably why I intended to update on Saturday. But stuff got in the way. If I remember correctly, either Friday or Saturday I caught up on TV I'd recorded on my DVR but hadn't watched yet (and actually, I still haven't watched last week's "Alias," which Pam said sucked).

Then came yesterday, when I really should have updated, but instead played something like five hours of "NBA Street 3" after work. Pooz got the game for Valentine's Day and I'm hooked on it, which has of course caused "NFL Street 2" to take a back seat. Eventually I'll finish "Own the City" mode, but it's much more repetative than NBA's "Street Challenge" mode, which has so many different game types it keeps things fresh.

OK, so now that the recap's out of the way, let's move on to new business. Jennifer Love Hewitt is this week's DGOW. I know she's been the DGOW before, but today is her 26th birthday, and being that I still have a huge crush on her (despite the fact she's done nothing of consequence in almost four years), I'm bending the rules. Besides, they're my rules, and I can do what I want with them.

New Versus Polls are up as well. Holly Marie Combs pulled off a stunning upset last week over Catherine Bell (who was probably hurt by the fact that it's gonna take more than a nice rack for me to vote for someone other than Piper). This week seems like a pair of mismatches, but you never really know.

I should also mention that my SitePal membership expires in like four days, and I'm not sure at this point whether I'm going to renew it or not. It's been a nice little thing to have on the site for a month, and actually got me interested in updating more often when I first posted it, but I don't think it's worth what it costs me. Then again, I could easily have a change of heart in the next day or so, so keep your eye on the top right corner of the page.

Oh, also, be sure to visit the photo gallery, where I did finally get around to posting a gallery for my car. I'll try to take more pictures once I've installed some of the new stuff, and of course once I get it washed.