Vacation: Day 3

Well, things are actually moving ahead of schedule for my vacation. I reoriented the computer last night (though afterwards I was too tired to post about it), and then today went down to Ikea to pick up more shelving, lighting and the like, and actually installed most of it today. The only thing left to be assembled is the CD rack for the basement (and once I do that, I’ll post some pictures).

I did take a full slate of pictures of my “Buffy” collection on display in the reorganized living room. Feel free to check it out. I also updated the Sideshow page (I realized I hadn’t taken close-ups of any of my last 4 additions there), though that page will be growing immensely in the next year or so.

Of course, not all of my vacation has been about “Buffy” (though most of it will be once I get to Chicago). Last night I watched “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” for the first time in awhile. Tonight I watched “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” which of course means tomorrow is “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.” Not as impressive as Thanksgiving ’04, when I did them all in one day, but not bad either. This afternoon, I did take a break from LOTR to watch “Ali” (having “The Champ is Here” as my text message alert has really put me in the mood to see that movie). Sure I’ve seen it a lot, but every time I watch a movie, I see something new. For example, today, I saw the scene where Ali is fighting Foreman, he’s in the clutch and trying to get his energy back. That scene seems to have been the inspiration for “Fight Night, Round 3” when a fighter is near a knockout. The visuals and audio are a near-perfect match.

Also should add that I finished my second Buffy mosaic, this one from “The Gift.” The thumbnail is pictured above and to the left. Click it to download the full image.

Well that’s it for today. Tomorrow, well, you already know what I’m doing (and if you don’t, please re-read the above entry, because it’s all spelled out in there). Oh, and if you are reading this, feel free to click that little button below this that says “Add a comment” so you can, you know, add a comment. I know people are reading this, so let me know what you think. I won’t bite.