Traffic sucks...

Thankfully I left work a little late today, because if I hadn't, my crappy commute home would have been even worse. As I was leaving the mall, Moore called me and told me not to take I-84 home. Apparently two customers had just come in and said it had taken them an hour to get there from Hartford (normally a 10 minute drive). So I drove home through Hartford taking Route 44, which was just retarded. I'm sure it was faster than the traffic-filled highway, but it was still crazy slow, mostly because the lights are as non-synchronized as possible. It was like a "three yards and a cloud of dust" way of driving. I was not a fan.

Otherwise though, today wasn't bad. Work went well and now I'm home for a nice three-day weekend with absolutely no plans. If you have any ideas as to what I should do, let me know.

Thought I should mention that today is a pretty big day in Desktop Girl history. Both Lacey Chabert (the first DGOW) and Monica Bellucci (one of the most popular DGOW) were born on this date, 18 years apart. Lacey turns 22 today, putting her squarely in my age group, while Monica reaches the big 4-0. She's not quite old enough to be my mom, but she could easily be an aunt or something. Of course, that doesn't matter, since she's still super hot.

I do have some good site-related news. I didn't have to buy additional iDisk space, because yesterday Apple made enhancements to .Mac, which included an increase in overall storage space to 250 MB. You can allocate that almost any way you like between iDisk and Mail, so I chose to allocate 15 MB to mail (the minimum you can do) and 235 MB to iDisk, so now I've got enough space left to keep adding DGOW and related items for another year or so. Plus, now, I can upgrade to 1 GB of storage space for just $49.95. I love this company!

Speaking of things I love, I got some new sneakers yesterday. I had seen them at Finish Line on Tuesday, and they're a Finish Line exclusive, so I couldn't get them Wednesday when Moore and I went to Buckland. When I went back to Finish Line yesterday, they had the shoes I wanted -- the 2 The Zone from Reebok -- but they also had the new Vick II from Nike. The Vick shoes were nice, but in the end, I went with the 2 The Zone because I like the fit of Reebok shoes better, plus I prefer primarily white shoes. I got the royal blue (as pictured) and they match my Harrison jersey pretty nicely.

Oh, also, I have to mention that Pooz finally posted the pictures from last month's party, so check those out. And we're going to have a crazy Halloween Party (costume required) on Saturday, Oct. 30, so be sure to plan to be here. And if you have any ideas for a costume for me, let me know. Right now, I'm going as a Mac Genius. That's not gonna fly.