So close...

Well, we were all supposed to go up and check out the apartment this morning, but Moore has things to do, so he's gonna check it out on his own later and let us know what he thinks. Gives me a chance to do a quick update here. DGOW and Versus will be updated tonight, so enjoy Monica Bellucci just a little bit longer (or download the damn picture and enjoy her all the time).

"Dodgeball" was a damn funny movie. You have to see it. Just about every one of Ben Stiller's lines will have you laughing. As will most of the teams in the Dodgeball world championships, and seeing them all get nailed in the face. Bottom line, it was funnier than I expected it to be, and worth paying to see in theaters.

And in the "WTF" department, my DVD racks are full. I'm actually out of space for DVDs on the two main racks. Thankfully, I'm going to box up all my CDs, which will free up another rack. In fact, I'm probably going to do that tomorrow, since I have the day off. I do have to do tomorrow, but that shouldn't take too much of my time.