Series of Tubes: Lost Reaction - Time to Get Moving

The more I watch of this season of "Lost", the more I wish the show would just get moving toward the conclusion.

For the second consecutive episode, we saw little to nothing of key characters, while getting a lot of story on the "LA-verse" (the creators of the show prefer that we not call it the "alt-verse" because they think that makes it sound secondary to the island timeline) that didn't really seem to go anywhere.

As I was watching the episode live, I picked up on a lot of cool little tidbits and references, particularly the one where Helen casually mentioned that Locke's father would be on the guest list for the wedding. Obviously this represents a significant difference in the timeline and introduces new mysteries as to Locke's relationship with his father in this timeline and how he ended up in the wheelchair.

And all that would be great, if there were 2 or 3 seasons left in "Lost". But there aren't. There's 13 episodes left. We don't have time for new mysteries in an alternate timeline, especially at the expense of progress on things like Claire's sudden reappearance (which happened at the end of episode 3, then didn't come up at all in episode 4) or Jin and Sun re-uniting.

The big story on the island this week was Monster-Locke (or Mocke, as some people on the internet have taken to calling him) recruiting Sawyer for his cause -- which is getting off the island (funny how that was Jack's cause for the longest time and now it's Locke's cause, though it's not really Locke... yeah, this is getting confusing). Well, Locke took Sawyer to a cave in which Jacob had written a bunch of last names with numbers attached to them. Most of the names were scratched out, but here are the ones that weren't:

4 - Locke
8 - Reyes
15 - Ford
16 - Jarrah
23 - Shephard
42 - Kwon

According to Locke, all the names were candidates. For what? Well, he never really explains. Shockingly. "Lost" is kind of in the business of never really explaining stuff. And if it turns out that the only explanation for the mysterious numbers that have popped up time and time again in the series is that they correspond to names on Jacob's list, well that's going to be a serious disappointment.

Next week's episode is called "Lighthouse" and hopefully it will shed some light on some of the ongoing storylines. But at this point, I'm not very hopeful.