Series of Tubes: Chuck “Versus the Nacho Sampler” Rapid Reaction

I got a chance to watch tonight’s episode of “Chuck” early and while the main story -- which sees Chuck having to befriend and then betray a guy like himself who is building an intersect for The Ring -- was solid, I want to focus on the secondary story.

Kristin Kreuk, formerly of “Smallville”, makes her second appearance in a row, now working at the Buy More with Chuck and crew. In her first scene, she walks into the store wearing the Nerd Herd uniform as sexy as possible, and every employee in the store is watching her every move intensely. It’s completely over the top -- and completely accurate.

I worked in a similar setting for the better part of five years, and every time a new moderately attractive female employee started working at our store, every single male employee there sized her up and tried to figure out their chances with her (usually drastically overestimating them). Was this horrible? Sure. But it happens in literally every computer-related field in this country.

This is one of my favorite ongoing things about “Chuck” -- for a show that’s rooted firmly in the unbelievable, its depiction of retail employment, particularly in the computer world, is actually pretty accurate. Me and most of my fellow employees didn’t really enjoy the business aspect of our jobs, but there were things we liked about where we worked (captured perfectly in a season 1 episode when Chuck gets back from a day of screwing up spy stuff and fixes a computer because he knows it’s something he can do -- I had that exact feeling plenty of times in my retail life). Sure, we never started a fight club, but we did band together to rebel against management, we did slack off in plain view of customers, and we did ogle the rare attractive female employee. Oh, and never in my years of working there did we have an employee as hot as Kristin Kreuk. But if we did, I’m pretty sure I would have had a shot with her.