Quick hits...

OK, gotta cover some stuff quick, since I’m a month behind (expect on the Buffy collection section, which I constantly update).

• Speaking of “Buffy” -- the Season 8 comic is out, and I loved the first issue. It had everything I would have wanted from a new season. Well, except all the characters that weren’t in it, but they’ll show up in future issues I’m sure.

• Kobe Bryant is awesome. 53.6 PPG in his last 6 games. That’s just nuts. But he’s NOT better than MJ. No matter what anyone says or writes.

• I am actually alive in one of my tournament pools, and could finish in the money if Florida beats Georgetown in the championship game. Worth mentioning that I’ve picked the national champ in each of the last 4 years, and 7 of the last 8 (I couldn’t bring myself to pick Maryland in 2002).

• “Lost” is back to being awesome. The first six episodes of this season sucked, but everything since the break has been incredible. Two weeks ago, we had the best episode ever. Last week’s Locke-centric episode wasn’t as good as the week before, but was still pretty damn awesome.

• I finally got my iPod replaced by Apple. It had been having hard drive problems but the warehouse kept sending it back NTF. The third time I sent it in, it got replaced. I’m happy now, plus my iPod is nice and shiny again.

• Speaking of my iPod, I’ve taken the TV shows off it (it’s nice having every episode of “Buffy” and “Angel” in my library, but I don’t need them with me on a daily basis). I’ve instead put lots of YouTube videos on there, thanks to a program that converts them automatically through Safari. I’ve got dozens of LeBron James and Michael Jordan plays, plus I ripped a bunch of the mini-features from the “Ultimate Jordan” DVD. Which reminds me, they’re not gonna make an “Ultimate Kobe” DVD. Because he’s not as good as MJ.

OK, that’s it for now. I’ll try to post more often. It’ll probably be in this quick-hit style format, even if it’s just one thing in a day.