OK, so the party last night was a rousing success (or at least a success, if not rousing). We had a lot of fun, and managed to still get the apartment clean today, which is always a positive. Plus, I got some pretty cool gifts. Pooz got me a collection of books, including a "Buffy" graphic novel, which I really liked. We also made a trip to the comic shop today, during which I grabbed another "Buffy" book, this one covering the time period of the screenplay for the original movie.

I'm still waiting to hear about financing for the condo, which should hopefully happen within the next couple weeks. Once I get that straightened out, I can actually start packing boxes. And once I get really moved in, I'll have a nice housewarming party, which will again be lots of fun.
Oh, it's NBA conference finals time. It's funny, because I'm rooting for the Heat and the Suns, but I think the Spurs are a lock to win, and if Shaq can't go for Miami, they're gonna get rolled on.

Quick thoughts on "Episode III:" Fuckin' awesome. So worth it. Good bridge between the NT and the OT. I'll have more detailed feedback sometime in the next few days. In other entertainment news, I didn't really get to watch the finales of Charmed and Desperate Housewives last night, with the party going on, but I'll get to them in the next couple days. And then Lost and Alias happen on Wednesday, which I should be able to watch live, since I'm working 9:30-6:30 Wednesday.

Don't forget to pick up Chappelle's Show Season 2 on DVD tomorrow.