Oh yeah G5-y Goodness!

So I haven't updated this site in a few days, but I have some good reasons, more than just working five of the last six days. On Tuesday afternoon, just after work, I dropped off my car to get my hood fixed. It's been loose for a few months now, and I finally needed to get it fixed. I left it there all day Wednesday, and it was ready for pickup on Thursday morning, so it was a nice quick turnaround and it was covered under my warranty. Also, I can now drive above 65 without fear of my hood flying off. So that's a good thing.

An even better thing happened Thursday though. I finally got my G5. It's more amazing than I could have imagined. I've even got a nice dual monitor setup going on with my old 15" ADC display and my 20" DVI Cinema Display. Plus, I picked up a PowerMate, which looks awesome on the glass desk, glowing blue. Plus, with the new setup assistant that's built into the OS, I was able to transfer my complete setup from my iBook at get everything going nice and quickly. Now I just need to get some games to take advantage of the 256 MB video card and I'll be completely set.

So that covers Thursday, and some of Friday (since, of course, I had to spend some of Friday after work playing with my G5. It is the best computer I've ever owned). As for Wednesday, I was car-less, so I spent most of my time in the apartment, playing "Burnout 3" for Xbox. Pooz picked it up last week, and since then we've been hooked on it. It's the best racing game I've ever played, and the replay value is very high. There are something like three dozen courses and different events on each one. My favorite thing so far is the crash junctions, which are setups where you try to crash your car at an intersection and create the biggest crash with the most damage possible. So I played that for like six hours on Wednesday. I did get out for a little bit, when my mom came and picked me up and I had Rosh Hashana dinner with the family. Lilah is still very cute, even though she is nearing two and can be cranky at times (and I don't even live with her).

As for last night, when I was going to post an update, I instead went to see "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." Whoops. It would be among the worst movies I've seen this year, if this year hadn't produced so many bad movies. It wasn't as bad as "Van Helsing" but it was still pretty awful. The strange thing is it's actually getting good reviews. I think critics are so caught up with the filmmaking style that they forgot to watch the movie. There was nothing close to redeeming about it. It was comical though, when Pooz and I started giving it a running commentary. Oh, and if you think Angelina Jolie is a good enough reason to go see it, you're wrong. She's in the movie for all of about 10 minutes, and is covered from head to toe. Not helpful.

OK, so let me get around to my NFL picks for the week. I was 7-8 last week (though I would have been 8-8 if I'd posted my Tennessee pick on Saturday morning). This week I'm not giving my thoughts on every game, just my winners).

•Kansas City over Carolina
•Green Bay over Chicago
•Denver over Jacksonville
•Houston over Detroit
•Indianapolis over Tennessee
•Pittsburgh over Baltimore
•New Orleans over San Francisco
•Atlanta over St. Louis
•Washington over NY Giants
•Seattle over Tampa Bay
•Buffalo over Oakland
•Dallas over Cleveland
•New England over Arizona (though I still hate the Pats)
•NY Jets over Chargers
•Cincinnati over Miami
•Minnesota over Philadelphia

A couple of quick thoughts on those picks. I'm picking the Redskins every week until they look like the Chargers (or the Bears did last week). For now, Joe Gibbs is still God, and Clinton Portis is some kind of prophet. That's why I bought my Portis jersey today. As for some other games, despite their near collapse last week, I think the Steelers have what it takes to beat the Ravens, who looked terrible last week. Also, I think St. Louis's frequent turnovers will hurt them, because it'll give Mike Vick more opportunities to do amazing things.

That's it for now, I'll try to be back before six days go by.