Not so close...

OK, so updating the apartment situation: Dave is now going to look at the place Wednesday at 11:00 a.m., and hopefully we'll have an answer shortly after that. Honestly, I'm just excited about possibly moving out of my house (finally!) so any answer he gives us is good, in that an answer gets us closer to a final decision. Still, we are no closer than we were this morning, and we won't get any closer tomorrow, so thus the title.

If you didn't vote in last week's Versus poll, it's too late now, and I hope you weren't planning on voting for Kirsten Dunst. She got spanked. I thought with Spider-Man 2 coming out soon, she'd get more support, but Jennifer Love Hewitt (whose most recent role is in "Garfield") destroyed her. I felt so sorry for Kirsten that I made her this week's DGOW. Check out the sweet picture from "Spider-Man" and the other ones on the download page.

Now, I'm no NBA expert, though I do have an ESPN Insider account (and if that's not a commercial slogan right there, I don't know what is) but it seems like this is shaping up to be an even crazier off-season than last year. First off, the Kobe rape trial is going to be so far off the charts, it won't even compare to the shock of the allegations from last summer. Then, everyone's going to be traded. Really. Everyone. Shaq, Iverson, T-Mac, Stevie Franchise, the entire Dallas Mavericks roster, the last remaining quality Celtics (or Celtic, sorry Paul Pierce), and, just for the hell of it, Shawn Kemp. Of course, Darko won't be traded because no GM would trade for Darko. But still, there's gonna be a lot of player movement. And somehow, Orlando may not take Emeka Okafor first. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Worst case scenario for Okafor is Ben Wallace. Worst case for Dwight Howard is Kwame Brown. Best case for both is Tim Duncan (though I think Okafor is more like 'Zo Mourning). I'd rather have the Ben Wallace-like guy than the Kwame Brown-like guy. Hell, I'd take Lisa Leslie over Kwame Brown (well, no I wouldn't but Kwame blows, and his anti-MJ stance while they were teammates is just unacceptable).