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Which Friends Character are You?

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So, despite Jen and Jessica's previous assignment, I'm Chandler, not Ross. I don't know how this information would possibly help me get a job, but it might come up in some strange, bizarro world interview.

FYI, the other quiz I took was the "Which Charmed Character Are You?" quiz. I was the Book of Shadows. A friggin' book. Not even Cole, or Belthazor for that matter, but a book. Hell, I'd rather have been one of the Charmed Ones. But no, I'm a book. A book that can't leave the attic to top it all off. Go me.

Oh, and the song just changed. I'll leave the thing below on Crazy Town, but "No, No, No (Remix)" by Destiny's Child f/ Wyclef just came on. Good times.