Friday Five - Random Reasons the Saints will win the Super Bowl

So over on I predicted the Colts would win the Super Bowl, but I’m not actually rooting for them. I’d much prefer to see the Saints win on Sunday, and I’ve found five reasons completely unrelated to actual football ability that say New Orleans is going to be celebrating with the Lombardi Trophy.

Jersey color
The Colts chose to wear blue -- the same color they wore in Super Bowl III, when they lost to the Jets. The Colts are 2-0 in Super Bowls wearing white, and the team wearing white has lost the last five Super Bowls. As the home team, the Colts actually got to choose what to wear. It's rare for the home team to choose to wear white in the Super Bowl, but when they do, they're 3-1, having won 3 straight (Super Bowls 17, 27 and 40).

Anthem singer
Carrie Underwood was chosen to sing the national anthem, the third consecutive year a female solo artist will sing the anthem. The last time it wasn't a female solo artist? Super Bowl XLI, when the Colts beat the Bears. In fact, the Colts are 0-1 when a female solo artist sings the anthem before the Super Bowl and 2-0 when it's a male soloist.

American Idol Winner
Speaking of Carrie Underwood, she won American Idol back in... oh, I don't know and I'm too lazy to look (the only American Idol winner I care about is Kelly Clarkson). Underwood is the second Idol winner to perform the anthem, joining Jordin Sparks who performed before Super Bowl XLII -- when an underdog team from the NFC wearing white beat a favored team in blue from the AFC. Is it a stretch? Sure, but these are random reasons, not real reasons, so work with me here.

This will be the 10th Super Bowl played in Miami. The Colts won the last won played there, so odds are they won't win this won. The last time a team won the Super Bowl, then played the next Super Bowl in that same city was Super Bowl 35. The Giants, who'd won Super Bowl 25 in Tampa, were back in Tampa against the Ravens. And they got pasted. It's not easy to win the most recent two Super Bowls played in the same city. It's actually much more common for a team to win consecutive Super Bowls period.

For the past seven years, EA Sports has used the Madden NFL game to simulate the results of the Super Bowl. In five of the previous six years, the winner of EA’s simulation has gone on to win the game, with the lone exception being the Giants win over the previously unbeaten Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. So who did the game pick this year? The Saints of course, 35-31.