Friday Afternoon Ramblings: Things that are Awesome Edition

• Thing that is Awesome #1: being able to update my iWeb blog from Cleveland. I copied my domain file to my MacBook before I left, so I’d be able to do it. Of course, I forgot to copy the proper fonts and background images along with that, so things might not look entirely accurate. But I’ll still have updates for you all weekend.

• Thing that is Awesome #2: remembering my iPod for this trip (along with my iPhone). If you remember my last trip to Cleveland, I forgot my iPod in my car, which made a semi-sucky trip suck even more. Of course, I did manage to forget my charging cable -- d’oh -- but I can probably buy one of those at the Tower City mall.

• Thing that is Awesome #3: “Lost”. Last night’s episode not only was one of the best ever, but also confirmed much of the theory Bearman sent me a few weeks back. If you’re interested in reading the theory, I found it on the ‘Net here, but understand that you’ll never watch an episode the same way again (which could be good thing). And last night’s episode will make a LOT more sense (and let’s be honest, even if the episode didn’t make sense to you, it was still awesome).

• Thing that is Awesome #4: the new Iron Man trailer. I watched it on IGN at the airport this morning, and it’s incredible. I couldn’t be more excited about this movie if I found out that there’s a cameo by naked Lindsay Lohan (and as an aside, kudos to Lindsay). “Iron Man” looks like it could be one of the top 5 superhero movies of all-time.

• Thing that is Awesome #5: LeBron. Enough said.

• Thing that is Awesome #5a: Ok, let me expand on #4. Based on all news reports today, LeBron is expected to play tonight against the Timberwolves, which would make this the first time I’ve actually seen him play in person. You probably all remember my Epic Fails from last June and last December. If he doesn’t play, then be prepared for a very angry “Things that are NOT Awesome” edition of

• Thing that is Awesome #6: My hotel room. King-sized bed. Leather couch. Full-sized desk. Comfortable pillows. Decent view. Really, I can’t complain (except about the room service prices, which are absurd. Hell, my hotels in New York and L.A. were slightly less expensive this summer, and those were upscale hotels in two of the biggest cities in the world).

• Thing that is Awesome #7: The DGOW tournament. We’re now into the 2nd round, with Britney gone (as a single tear rolls down my cheek). Make sure you cast your vote, and let everyone else know about it. The 2nd round matchups for this week are Kiele Sanchez vs Evangeline Lilly (an all-”Lost” matchup), Jennifer Connelly vs Hayden Panettiere (old vs young), Keira Knightley vs Christina Ricci (two unique looking and talented actresses) and Rachel Bilson vs Katherine Heigl (two just straight-up hotties). My picks are Lilly, Panettiere, Knightley and Heigl, but don’t let my opinions sway you. Vote for yourself.