Finally a day off...

-I finally got a day off, so I was able to get some more work done here. I posted this week's SportsBytes, with my takes on LeBron James, "The Junction Boys" and the Towson men's basketball team.

-I've also got a writing section up with my novel and my screenplay. I'll get the poetry, lyrics and short story up later today, I swear.

-Oh, and if you get a chance to, swing by CNN/SI and read Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback. He always does a great job with it, and I just wanted to send a shoutout.

-Also, Bill Simmons from Page 2 has a great column about pulling off fantasy football trades. He left out one thing: a great way to get a steal in a trade is get a steal in the draft. If you draft a player in a later round that someone was targeting as a sleeper, they'll usually be so irrational that they'll offer you super value for the player.

In this year's draft, I got Jeremy Shockey, who'd just been added to the Yahoo! draft list, in the 15th round. Someone else in the league wanted him badly, but didn't know he was on the list. After the draft, he offered me Eddie George and Frank Wycheck for Shockey. Every draft guide had Wycheck and Shockey right near each other in tight end ratings, and I was picking up a Top-15 running back. If I'd made a counter-offer, or waited a day, rationality would have set in, and I would have missed the chance.

You have to know when to pull the trigger.