Dark Horse Reveals “Twilight” Identity Early (Spoilers Below)

For those of you following the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Season 8 comic, you know the big mystery of the series has been the identity of Twilight, the primary villain in the series. There has been plenty of Internet speculation, lots of questions asked of the creators of the series and very few clues within the pages of the book.

Well, last month the news broke that the characters identity would finally be revealed in issue #33. That revelation came alongside a joke cover with President Obama’s head on Twilight’s body.

Well, yesterday’s cover news was no joke. The April solicitations for Dark Horse Comics came out and had both the Jo Chen and Georges Jeanty covers for issue #34, which would obviously be the first covers post-Twilight reveal. And those covers had the same exact character from Buffy’s past, leading everyone to make the connection that this character was Twilight.

{Spoilers from this point on...}

Now, if you’ve read this far, you can look at the non-edited image to the left and see that the character on the cover is Angel. At first, I thought maybe the covers were fake covers, or possibly Photoshopped images, but today Dark Horse editor Scott Allie confirmed that the images are real, and Angel is Twilight.

My first reaction to this news was one of mild anger, mostly because I’ve always been in the Buffy/Angel (or “Bangel”) group of fans, who hoped they would one day get back together and have their perfect happiness (sans Angel turning evil, like in Season 2). But I’m going to reserve judgement on the whole “Angel is Twilight” thing until I actually get to read the issues. What still has me kind of pissed is that this huge spoiler leaked now. After nearly four years of keeping this under wraps, Dark Horse ended up getting done in by their own solicitations (though Allie admitted in an interview with Buffyfest that having these covers revealed was an accident).

Also, in that same interview, Allie said things have been worked out with IDW so this doesn’t conflict with continuity in the ongoing “Angel” series, which I guess means we’ll have some answers as to the comparative timeline of those two series (I’ve always wondered about that, since, in theory, Buffy Season 8 would have been happening about the same time as Angel Season 5).

At this point, when I can get past my frustration with this being spoiled (for someone like me, this is almost as bad as finding out the ending to “Lost” before this May), I feel like Joss Whedon knows what he’s doing and this will all make sense in the end. For now, I’m just going to go through all my back issues and see what Angel-related clues I might have missed.