Connecticut’s New Tourism Slogan: “Come to CT and do nothing.”

OK, so I lied. I won't be updating this every day. Why should I? Do you really want an entry for Saturday that says: "Sat inside all day and input my DVD collection into a FileMaker Pro Database on my computer." No, that would be pointless.

Not that I did much more today. I did go shopping and pick up some stuff with graduation gift cards. I got the "Rambo Trilogy" Box Set at Borders, and two more jerseys: a home Tom Brady Pats jersey at Dick's and a blue alternate Iverson jersey at Champs. I also got a cool Nike T-shirt with the vintage Air Jordan logo.

I was gonna get the stupid book that Kornheiser's been pimping on PTI, but it was just a collection of columns, and none of them were about sports. What's the point of that? Wilbon, get Kornheiser to stop pimpin' the book.

Lakers-Kings is tonight. I got L.A. by 12. Sac-town is gonna fold under the pressure.

Adios por ahora.