Christmas with Madden 2003

So I didn't get everything done that I said I would. Are you surprised? I never get website stuff done on time. At least not my website stuff.

-Along those lines, there is a sort-of new issue of up. It's a best-of/year-in-review type of thing, and I really think it covers the best stories (especially the Bin Laden fantasy football team).

-I spent some time with Phil today, after hanging out at Dave Moore's apartment last night. Phil and I renewed our long-standing video game rivalry, and I learned something: Michael Vick is the greatest video game player ever. Playing "Madden 2003" against another person, you can just line up in a five-wide formation and send your slot left receiver on an out route. Then run Vick that way, and the DB has to decide -- cover the wideout, or stop Vick. Either way, you get a big play. The amazing thing is that Vick isn't even rated that highly. In Madden 2004, he'll be unstoppable, surpassing Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl.

-In other news, I did managed to finish my review of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." Eventually, I'll get around to reviewing "Minority Report" and "Back to the Future" and doing the "Song of the Year" article -- I've got to finish that one before 2003.

-I'll try to have some of that stuff done before the weekend, but I am working from 8-5 the next two days, so I'm sure I'll be tired.

-Adios por ahora and Merry Christmas.