Changes to Again...

This used to happen every few months or so, but this marks the first major change to in more than four years.

A couple weeks ago, iWeb started massively screwing up on me, forcing me to delete files from my iDisk and republish the entire site. Even then, it still wasn't working right.

Even when iWeb had been working, it was taking about 30 minutes to publish a single update to, which just wasn't making it easy for me to blog. On top of that, most of the modern features we've come to expect from blogs never got integrated into iWeb -- the app never developed beyond a tool to publish small websites (at least not without serious tinkering with the HTML). So, given all that, it was time for me to set up somewhere else.

Right now, I've got all my posts from 2010 moved over here, plus the archives from 2002-2007. 2008 is in there up through May 17 (my birthday) and 2009 hasn't been touched at all yet. Hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks, I'll get everything up there.

I'm also in the process of moving other parts of my site to non-iWeb/MobileMe services. My photo gallery is now on Picasa, instead of MobileMe, as is the DGOW archive. will probably stay on iWeb through the summer, and the Podcast will stay there for awhile, thanks to the ease of submitting it to iTunes.

If there was something you liked on the old version of the site and you don't see it here, just let me know. Also, if there's something not working, let me know and I'll try to fix it ASAP.