Angel: After the Fall, Issue #5 Review

If you’ve been reading the Angel comics (and not just the After the Fall series, but the entire IDW run), they don’t really feel like the TV series. That’s not to say they’re bad -- just different.

This issue finally stopped being different. More than any other individual Angel comic I’ve read since the Dark Horse days, this felt like an episode of the TV series (particularly from the seasons 4 and 5 era).

Basically we get the fallout from Angel’s actions in issues 3 and 4, and, of course, the gang’s all back together to help him (well, except for Gunn, who’s still bitter about being a vampire, and Wesley, who much like Seasons 3 and 4, seems to be playing both sides).

We definitely get more insight into what’s going on with Wesley, and his involvement with Wolfram and Hart, though not so much so as to give away everything else.

The defining line of the issue: “This was my fight. I was never going to ask anyone to help. Turns out... I didn’t have to.” That pretty much sums up the last two seasons of “Angel”, and is the reason I feel like this issue is more connected to the series.

Obviously, just like a good episode of “Angel”, not everything is wrapped up by the end -- not even close. In fact, the last page is a huge cliffhanger (one I’m not going to spoil for you, even though this issue is almost a month old).

Also, as an aside, the final splash page is one I’d be willing to pay big money for the original artwork. I just think it’s so incredibly cool looking.

Now the series shifts into “First Night” mode, where we get the backstories of what happened that night in the alley. I can’t say I mind finally having those blanks filled in, but it sucks to have the main story put on hold for 3 months. Oh well.