Adam's Official Super Bowl Prediction

So there's this kind of big football game being played on Sunday, and since most of you know I enjoy football, you know I'll be watching the game. I'll be over at PooZ's house, and we'll shenanigan it up (if such a thing is possible), and then eventually record a podcast about it.

Now, if you flip back in the archives, you'll see my Super Bowl prediction at the start of the playoffs was horribly wrong, but I made the mistake of placing too much of an emphasis on the final weeks of the regular season. Back in October, PooZ and I did a podcast in which I said I couldn't see anyone but the Colts and Saints in the Super Bowl, and here we are.

So trust my prediction if you want, or completely ignore it. I don't care either way. But I'm officially predicting a 33-27 victory by the... Indianapolis Colts. Pierre Garçon will score the first touchdown of the game, and the Colts will win late on a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning to Dallas Clark.

I'll check back in Monday to let you know how I did -- you know, for the four people in the world who didn't actually watch the game.