Barry Bonds has hit HR #756, making him the all-time home run king, passing Hank Aaron for the record.

I have to be honest -- I was watching “The Simpsons” on DVD when it happened. But as soon as I saw it cross the wire, I turned on “SportsCenter” and jumped online to check out the coverage. Here’s how it looked on various websites throughout the country. VIEW 756 COVERAGE PHOTO GALLERY.

ESPN.com -- featuring a shot of Bonds reacting to #756:

SI.com -- no question where these guys stand on the controversy -- and with a picture in a road jersey to boot:

Sportsline.com -- another asterisk, and a reference in the text to the “controversial slugger”:

FoxSports.com -- fair and balanced coverage from Fox

Yahoo! Sports -- steroids mentioned in the text, but the picture is of the mark itself

AOL Sports -- a pair of controversy-related poll questions are even above the picture

MSNBC.com -- no asterisk on the 756, but a reference to it in the story

New York Times -- On first glance, I thought this had a steroid reference, but it says “storied”. The two words are anagrams for each other. Weird.

San Francisco Chronicle -- straightforward coverage from Bonds’ hometown paper (and I wouldn’t mind having a copy of tomorrow’s Chronicle for posterity).

There are more photos in the photo gallery, including shots from the newspaper websites of most of the major league cities.