Thoughts on Sideshow’s New “Buffy” Line

During their 12 Days of Christmas celebration, Sideshow Collectibles gave a sneak peak of a new “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” line of maquettes, and last week the company started taking preorders for the first statue from that line, “Buffy Summers: Throne of the Slayer”.

Being the obsessive “Buffy” collector that I am, I immediately put in a preorder, but I’m still unsure about the viability of this line.

First, Sideshow has a mixed track record when it comes to Buffy related products. During the run of 12-inch figures, Sideshow released four different Buffy Summers figures. The first one, “Hush” Buffy, was mediocre, but nothing too bad. “Graduation Day” Buffy was probably the best one. “Prophecy Girl” Buffy is one of my favorites, but I’m in the minority there, since the rooted hair looks awful. The last one, “Nightmares” Buffy (aka Vampire Buffy) was average, but nothing special. Then, after discontinuing the 12-inch line, Sideshow released a pair of Premium Format Buffy Summers figures -- the first of which was plagued by hair design issues that were never resolved, and the second of which was just a re-dressed version of the first one with a different hairstyle.

Sideshow’s non-Buffy Summers figures from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” have been just as up and down. All the Angel figures they did were amazing, but the Willow and Faith figures look nothing like the source actresses (and really are an insult to Alyson Hannigan and Eliza Dushku).

Now Sideshow has released the prototype images for the new Buffy maquette, and I fear we’re going down the same path toward mediocrity.

In general, I don’t understand the theme of the maquette. Aside from non-canon novels, Buffy’s never been a Queen, and she’s never had a throne. Toss in her seductive pose, and it seems more like it’s a statue of Buffy’s evil twin, or Buffy after being turned by Angelus, so they can rule over humanity for eternity (and I can say even without looking that I’m SURE someone’s done that fanfic). Also, something seems off about the facial sculpt. In some of the photos, I can see the Sarah Michelle Gellar likeness, but in others it’s just not there.

Overall, I have to say I’m underwhelmed by Sideshow’s first effort in this relaunched line. In recent years we’ve already lost multiple lines from Sideshow and Diamond Select due to lack of fan interest in increasingly poor products. I have to hope the final shipping product of this maquette looks better than the preliminary photos, otherwise this latest “Buffy” line may be short-lived.