Series of Tubes: Please let “Heroes” Die

Think back a couple years, when “Lost” was stuck in a creative rut. ABC decided to give the creators of the show a set end date, so they could advance the plot toward the conclusion they’d already planned.

At one point, I thought the same idea would help “Heroes”, but after watching tonight’s two-part episode, I’m not sure a future end dat would help this show. In fact, I’m fairly certain the only thing that could help this show is just flat-out ending it.

Looking back, this show had an incredible ending planned -- only it reached it at the end of Season 1. There seemed to be some idea of where to go after that, but the show never recovered from the writers’ strike in Season 2. Now it’s just kind of ambling around at random -- last season was actually two seasons slapped together with immense plot holes being ignored -- with no end in sight. People have given all sorts of ideas on how they could fix the show (I even chimed in myself a little more than a year ago), but this show is beyond fixing. The characters don’t remotely resemble who they were when the show started, but there’s also been little-to-no character growth. It was clear tonight with mind-fucked Hiro acting pretty much exactly the same as Season 1 Hiro.

In a season when so many sci-fi shows have bit the dust, I’m loathe to call for the end of another one, but at this point, I can’t see any way “Heroes” can recover. I know I’m not sticking around to see it fall deeper into the abyss. Tonight was my last episode of “Heroes”. Sorry Hayden. I just can’t do it anymore.