Series of Tubes: Dollhouse “Getting Closer” to the end

After this week’s revelation of Twilight’s identity, I really shouldn’t be surprised by any revelations in any Joss Whedon project. But last night, when the head of the Rossum corporation emerged from the shadows, and it was Boyd Langton -- Echo’s former handler and the current L.A. Dollhouse head of security -- well, let’s just say I wasn’t expecting that.

Still, upon further review, this fits Whedon’s m.o. He’s had a history of turning heroes into villains (Angel in season 2 of “Buffy”, Faith in season 3, Wesley in season 3 of “Angel”). In the “Firefly” pilot, he even played on our own expectations, setting up Simon as the villain, when it turned out to be one of the other travelers entirely.

So from that perspective, the Boyd revelation shouldn’t have been a total shock. Also, given how little we knew of his past, it kind of makes sense. We’ve always been told that Boyd is a former cop, but we’ve never seen any evidence of that. And in one episode, he was able to make a single call and have someone “disappeared”, which is probably something a former cop couldn’t really do. In fact, Boyd is kind of like Shepherd Book in that he was capable of a little too much to just be a former cop.

Of course, Boyd’s secret wasn’t the only one revealed in this episode. We got a lot more background on Caroline and how she first hooked up with Bennett (Summer Glau’s character) and got involved with Rossum. It’s interesting to see that Echo isn’t the only one that’s having misgivings about Caroline’s original personality. Obviously because of the arm incident Bennett hates her, Adelle didn’t seem too fond of Caroline, and Boyd has his own secret motivations. Plus, now that Paul’s connection to Caroline/Echo has been removed (that was the thing that Topher overwrote when he reconstructed Paul’s brain map), there’s really no one there that has any personal motivation to bring back Caroline. The overarcing motivation of taking down Rossum remains, but it’s pretty safe to say that’s not Boyd’s motivation.

As for what Boyd’s motivation is, I have no idea. He showed feelings for Dr. Saunders, who made her first appearance in quite some time, and he killed Bennett before she could completely reconstruct Caroline. All I know is these last few episodes have been amazing, and advancing the plot at a breakneck pace and I can’t wait for the next two episodes. And yes, I’m going to keep calling them the “next” two episodes, as opposed to the much more depressing thing I could call them.