Re-Enjoying Ultimate Spider-Man

So for the holidays (yes, I'm using the generic term, because I've never been a follower of a religion that celebrates Christmas) PooZ got me the first four trade paperbacks of the "Ultimate Spider-Man" series. Sometime a few months ago, I mentioned to PooZ that I'd read the entire series and eventually wanted to pick up all the trade paperbacks. He kept that information filed away, and got me started on my collection.

Then, last week I went to my local comic shop, and they happened to be having a 50% off sale. It's not often you come across a sale like this at a comic book shop, particularly one as well-stocked as this one, and I picked up all but two of the trades (they didn't have #11 or #18 in stock).

Since I got them, I've been re-reading the series, a book a night. I can't say this with any kind of certainty, given the narrow focus of my collection, but Ultimate Spider-Man might have been one of the most consistently good series of the last decade. Everything is just as powerful on re-read as it was the first time -- particularly the Peter/MJ relationship stuff.

With Marvel looking like its going to screw up the main storyline in Amazing Spider-Man again in 2010, I think I'll just stick to re-reading this series and continuing with the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man book and hope for the best from Brian Michael Bendis.