2007 - A Year in Review; 2008 - A Year in Preview

It's the first day of 2008 (at least, it still is in some parts of America), which seems like a pretty good time to look back at 2007, and look ahead to 2008. I wish I had the time to research and write a day-by-day look, but honestly, you don't want to read all that. So instead, I reflect on the one sports moment I'll remember most from each month in 2007, as well as the thing I'm looking ahead to each month in 2008 (that's what we in the business call a gimmick... Just work with me here...)

January2007: Boise State wins the Fiesta Bowl. This may be the greatest game I ever witness in my time at ESPN, and it happened after I'd been there for barely a year.
2008: Hawaii wins the Sugar Bowl. Whoops. I guess seeing the Patriots so-called perfect season come to an equally disappointing end would be nice.

February2007: Watching the dunk contest with Dee Brown, who had a vested interest in two of the contestants (he trained Dwight Howard and was the subject of an homage by Gerald Green).
2008: I'll see my first Cavs home game in person (on the very last day of the month) and hopefully LeBron will be healthy for this one.

March2007: Kobe Bryant scores at least 50 points in 4 straight games, including a 60-point game and a 65-point game (the 2nd-highest total of his career).
2008: Kobe Bryant does something re-dunk-ulous. Seriously, it's like the guy goes to the all-star game, gets reminded that he's really good, and decides to prove it again in March.

April2007: The Warriors shock the basketball world (I know this series ended in May, but it started in April, and that's what got everyone excited).
2008: The Celtics wrap up their regular season with a crazy win total. I'm guessing it'll be in the 65 range, but then again, I predicted the Heat would be in the Finals, so what do I know.

May2007: LeBron. The Game. The last day of May.
2008: Taking a look at how the conference standings are shaping up so far, this year's NBA conference semifinals could be some of the best series in recent memory.

June2007: The Cavs go to the Finals, behind Boobie's big game.
2008: NBA Finals. Hopefully I'll be there this time, unlike last year's massive fail.

July2007: Who's Now? Um, that would be one Jessica Biel.
2008: Do I get to meet another hot celebrity? If not, I don't care.

August2007: The Rangers score 30 runs in a game. I watch baseball expecting pretty much anything on a daily basis. 30 runs, not on that list. Not even close to being a blip on a distant radar.
2008: It's an Olympic year, and hopefully this is the year that Kobe, LeBron and 'Melo restore Team USA to its rightful place atop the basketball world. Solid Gold LeBron indeed.

September2007: Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32.
2008: Seriously, nothing could come close to that. But I am kind of looking forward to the waxing Florida is going to put on Hawaii, especially after the anti-Tebow comments by June Jones.

October2007: There's only one OCTOBER! And for most of that month, there wasn't a single team that could beat the Rockies. Sure, the run came crashing down in the World Series, but it was fun while it lasted.
2008: A-Rod's gotta eventually do something in October, right?

November2007: Sean Taylor, rest in peace.
2008: Giving thanks for the things that are really important in life, so much more so than wins and losses.

December2007: The Redskins win 4 straight to make the playoffs, capped by a 21-point win against the rival Cowboys on the season's final day. Not a bad way to end the year.
2008: The first round of a college football playoff? Yeah, right, wishful thinking. How about some less sucky bowl matchups. Do we really need two 6-6 teams facing off to decide who doesn't end the season with a loss?