Tuesday Countdown: T-Minus 72 Hours to the return of “Dollhouse”

We’re just three days away from the return of “Dollhouse”, but its kind of a bittersweet feeling. It’s sweet, because I love this show, and we’re actually getting double episodes for the next three weeks. It’s bitter, because this is the beginning of the end.

There are exactly nine episodes of the Joss Whedon-helmed series left to go, which will give the series a run of 26 episodes (including the unaired “Epitaph One”) -- or 11 more than Whedon’s last series, “Firefly”, got to make (and the aired episode count will be 25-12 in favor of “Dollhouse”). Still, there are a lot of bad feelings in the “Dollhouse” fan community, which is basically the Whedon fan community, since the show failed to resonate on a wider level.

On some level, I really wish “Dollhouse” hadn’t been cancelled, but I understand that running a TV network is a business and “Dollhouse” wasn’t a successful venture for FOX. Part of the fan outrage over the cancellation is lingering disappointment over FOX’s quick pulling of the plug on “Firefly”, but that was seven years ago. I’m not saying it’s time to move on, but you have to separate the two events. Also, just because “Firefly” was unfairly cancelled, it doesn’t mean “Dollhouse” was. On the scale of Whedon series, “Dollhouse” definitely brings up the rear.

But come Friday, it’ll be time to put all of those discussions aside and we’ll be able to just watch the remaining episodes. The people involved with the show keep promising that these last episodes are going to be amazing, and I certainly hope they live up to the hype (or at least the potential we saw in “Epitaph One”). For now, I’m just happy that this show is back, and I’m going to enjoy it while I can.