The Newest Object of My Affection...

Yesterday I received my latest shipment from Sideshow Collectibles, the Emma Frost Premium Format statue.

A few weeks ago, Sideshow sent me a processing notification and also let me know they were upgrading me to the exclusive version of the statue at no additional cost, which was pretty cool of them. When the statue arrived, I was incredibly impressed by it.

One thing I always forget about the Premium Format statues (despite the fact that I now have six of them) is the size. They’re 1/4 scale, rather than the 1/6 scale of most of the standard Sideshow statues, so the average one is about 18-inches tall. This version of Emma Frost completely dwarfs the Adam Hughes comiquette, also by Sideshow.

When comparing the two Emma Frosts, I think I prefer the facial sculpt on the AH! version, and I know I prefer the classic White Queen costume to the modern Emma costume. That said, this statue is really impressive, particularly the pose, which is much better than the AH! statue.

I’m now up to 18 statues in my living room -- including 3 Emma Frosts -- and I’m fast running out of room. I’ve already moved all my non-Premium Format Buffy statues to my home-office, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff boxed up in my basement. What it comes down to is that I just need a bigger house for all my stuff.