Friday Five - Non-Traditional Christmas Movies

I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m not alone in this. There are literally billions of people around the world for whom today is just “Friday” (or whatever they call “Friday” in their local language). So while everyone is enjoying “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story” or “Christmas Vacation” for the millionth time, I’ll stick to these movies, in which the Christmas season is merely the setting, not the entire focus.

1 - Die Hard
This movie is so awesome that it’s easy to forget that it’s taking place around Christmas. There’s no room for Santa or Elves in a movie where John McClane coined the phrase “yippee ki-yay, motherfucker”.

2 - Rocky IV
On Christmas Day 1985, Rocky Balboa ended the Cold War. Sure, this movie isn’t as good as “Rocky” and Drago isn’t as memorable a villain as Clubber Lang (Mr. T) in “Rocky III”, but this might be the most re-watchable of the Rocky movies.

3 - Lethal Weapon
As “How I Met Your Mother” reminded me last season, Murtaugh was “getting too old for this shit” from the very first movie. This doesn’t really turn into a Christmas-related movie until the final scene, but whatever, there’s a Christmas scene and the movie is awesome.

4 - Gremlins
For the longest time, I wanted my own Gizmo. Not a stuffed version, but the actual creature. I’m pretty sure I could have stuck by the rules. We’d be fine, right?

5 - Ghostbusters II
Who ya gonna call? Santa? Hell no. Also, I’m aware that this is more of a New Year’s Eve/New Year’s movie, but it starts right around Christmas-time in New York, so it qualifies.