Fave Five of 2009 - Movies

Today on AdamReisinger.com, we're starting a full week of 2009 Year in Review articles. Yes, it's also the end of the decade, but we already did our Decade in Review topics in the latest episode of the AdamNPooZ.com Podcast.

So, to get things started -- using the familiar Fave 5 format that's now seen every once in awhile on Fridays here -- here are the AdamReisinger.com Top 5 movies of 2009. Just so you know, I haven't seen any movie released in the last two weeks, so this is really my five favorite movies of the first 50 weeks of 2009. But they are my five favorites -- not necessarily the five I think should be best picture nominees.

5. Zombieland
It's easy to dismiss this movie as mindless fun -- and for the most part that's exactly what it is -- but somewhere along the journey in the movie, the characters actually developed beyond "surviving the zombie apocalypse" and I liked them better for it. Plus, I'm pretty sure Emma Stone is awesome, and she makes everything she's in better.

4. Star Trek
I had some trepidation about this movie, particularly when I found out the plot prominently featured time travel and alternate timelines. But somehow it all worked. Sure, it's got too much lens flare, but otherwise it's a pretty kick-ass reboot of the Star Trek series.

3. District 9
This movie came in kind of under the radar -- though I saw guerilla marking for it all over Hollywood when I was out there this summer -- and really blew me away. It proved you can combine a smart, message movie with sweet action and not lose anything in either department.

2. The Hangover
Easily the funniest movie I've seen in the last five years, possibly longer. I just watched it again the other day on Blu ray, and it's no less funny than the first time I saw it. It's also quickly becoming one of the most quotable movies of the decade. I'm particularly partial to "you are literally too stupid to insult."

1. Up
Pixar rules. They seriously have never made a bad movie (though, let's be honest, "Cars" wasn't great). I never thought I'd be crying 10 minutes into a movie, much less an animated movie about a 78-year-old man who ties a bunch of balloons to his house, but it happened. And I don't even care if that's embarrassing (btw, it's not -- every single adult human being I know who's seen this movie has done the same thing). This is, as far as I'm concerned, the best movie of the year.