A DVD Blast from the Past

As some of you may know, PooZ and I lived together for a year about five years ago, before we went our separate, home-owning ways. My DVD collection wasn't nearly as massive back then, but it was still pretty fucking huge. Yet somehow, the one DVD we kept playing over and over again was "SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell, Vol. 2". That is, until the day it disappeared.

One day, we went to watch it, and the case was empty. We checked all of our DVD players, computers and PlayStation 2s (which took way longer than it should have, because we had way too much technology in that place), and couldn't find it. It was believed to be lost forever.

Then, today, that disc magically reappeared.

I've been going through my entire DVD library, converting all the movies to a digital format, and today when I opened up one of the cases, there was an extra disc floating around in there. I flipped it over, and lo-and-behold, there was Will Ferrell! I've been pretty convinced for the better part of five years that the disc was long gone -- especially since I moved away from that apartment in July of 2005 -- but it's been here this whole time. The lesson? I have too many damn movies, if there's one that hasn't been opened for more than four years (and trust me, that's not the only one).


  1. Okay, you got my curiousity: what movie haven't you watched in nearly 5 years? What case was it in?

    "From Kelly To Justin"?
    "Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers"?
    You gotta let me know!

  2. It was actually "The Legend of Bagger Vance" -- and I'm not even sure we watched it 5 years ago... just somehow that's the case the Will Ferrell DVD ended up in.


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