The Britney Spears Singles Collection Unboxing

I fully intended to do this post yesterday, on Britney Spears’s birthday, but I mis-timed my order, and my Britney Spears singles collection box set didn’t arrive until today.

Still, I’m very pleased with this set, and you can check out my photo gallery for all the sweet unboxing photos (yes, I know “unboxings” are generally reserved for new tech, but this was too awesome to pass up).

My first impression of the set was just the sheer volume of it. Sure, I knew it was 29 discs (30 if you count the DVD), but you don’t really get a sense of just how many damn CDs that is until you start taking each one out individually. And considering there are only two tracks per disc (again, discounting the DVD), this is probably the most awesomely wasteful box set in music history.

Britney’s label did do some recycling on this set -- specifically in the individual disc packaging. While the discs themselves have a design unique to this set, the sleeves mimic the design of the original single releases. Notably, they don’t actually “reuse” the old sleeves, since they all have updated copyright dates and box-set specific numbers on them. But the cover art is the same -- right down to the “in theaters” dates on “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” and “Boys (Co-Ed Remix)”.

A couple other interesting notes, before I just throw a bunch of pictures in here:

-The sleeve for “3” lists three tracks, but the disc itself only has two (notably, the actual track listing on the face of the disc is right - just the sleeve is wrong). The missing track is the Donni Hotwheel Megamix.
-Also missing is the video for “3”, though that was previously announced. Otherwise, the DVD is a complete set of Britney’s music videos.
-I still think my favorite cover is the one for “Everytime”. My least favorite is probably the trio of covers from her singles off “Blackout” (they all came from the same set of promo photos, which is just lame).
-Also, in case anyone’s wondering (and you’re probably not, but I don’t care), of the 29 b-sides, 17 are remixes, 11 are “rarities” and one is an album track. In that case, the “Boys (Co-Ed Remix)” is the actual single, while the album version of “Boys” is the b-side.

OK, picture time.
Britney Spears Singles Collection Unboxing