"Spider-Man 4" to kill off MJ?

According to Star Magazine (not the most trust-worthy source of news, but still...) there is the possiblity that Kirsten Dunst will be removed from the "Spider-Man" movie series in "Spider-Man 4". Now, I know this will make PooZ happy. And while I'm a Dunst fan, I can understand why they might want to replace her. But the rumor isn't just that they're replacing Kirsten Dunst, but that they're replacing Mary Jane Watson -- by killing her off!

"The plan is for her character to be written out, probably by dying. Anne will take over as Peter Parker's new love interest for this project and for Spider-Man 5 and 6 which are being written now. Anne's in L.A. doing a lot of meetings on the movie, because filming is right around the corner."
Dear Sony: this is bullshit! You CAN'T kill MJ. If you want to replace Dunst with another, more competent (read: hotter) actress, I'll accept that. But killing one of the most iconic comic book love interests of all-time? That's just insane.

Even when Joe Quesada decided to be a douche and end Peter and MJ's marriage in the comics, he knew he couldn't KILL MJ. So if you do that in the movies, you're officially dumber than Joe Quesada. Hey, how's that feel, Sam Raimi? Not so good, huh.

So if I catch wind that this is actually happening, I will boycott "Spider-Man 4". I put up with some stupid shit in "Spider-Man 3", but this would officially be the "Bat-nipples" style dealbreaker for me.
OK, enough ranting... let's enjoy the good times:

(via io9.com)