Why Do All My Things Keep Breaking Around Me?

I refuse to say that I have the worst luck with technology, because that’s not true. I have an original Xbox 360 that hasn’t red ringed yet (because, as PooZ points out, I barely use it). My iPhone rarely crashes (though, because it’s on AT&T, it drops calls like a motherfucker) and my MacBook Pro -- on which I’m writing this blog post right now -- is a rock.

That said, I seem to be on some kind of ridiculous streak of bad luck right now. Let me run through this real quick:

-About two weeks ago, my MacBook -- which I rarely use -- stopped running off its battery.
-Around the same time, my AT&T (there’s that shitty acronym again) U-Verse gateway started randomly resetting. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, and AT&T won’t replace it.
-Last week, one day after I bought “Uncharted 2” for PS3, my PS3 decided to stop turning on. Yeah, so that sucks.
-A few days later, my MobileMe account went into some weird state of limbo, and Apple had a hell of a time straightening it out -- and what they did to “fix” it fucked up my iPhoto/MobileMe connections on an epic level.
-Last night, I tried syncing the old iPod that serves as my alarm clock, and something went horribly awry, and now it doesn’t “alarm” so much anymore.
-Then today, as I was driving to work, my car started acting wonky, and it’s now in the shop.

So, I’m here at home with no car, no PS3, down one laptop and with a sometimes functional Internet connection (to be semi-fair to AT&T, the gateway doesn’t go down for extended times, it just resets, which is more annoying than anything).

Of course, all this comes right after I wrote a big list of things on my wall that I needed to have done around my condo. Things I can’t really afford to do if all the technology I use daily keeps failing (and, of all the things I’ve listed above, the most important, by far, is my car, which I’m told will be ready tomorrow, and for not that much money).