Tuesday Countdown: T-Minus 72 Hours to Cavs at Knicks

I’m gonna have a full preview of this game over on LeBron2010.info Friday morning, but let me just say, I’m freaking excited to be seeing LeBron James play in person again.

More importantly, I can actually go to this game, in New York, wearing the gear of the opposing team and not fear for my life. Because, in this case, the opposing “team” is LeBron, and Knicks fans will be cheering for LeBron as much as they cheer for the Knicks (and possibly more).

Also, this will be just the second basketball game I’ve ever seen at MSG, and the first one was when I was about 10 years old, so I barely remember it. Yes, I’ve seen more Britney Spears concerts at The World’s Most Famous Arena (two) than professional basketball games (one). On some level, that’s really sad, but it’ll change Friday, and hopefully LeBron will put up one of his patented MSG performances (he’s one of two visiting players with multiple 50-point games at the current MSG, the other being Michael Jordan).

Obviously, the storyline you’ll hear all week is about the summer of 2010 and how the Knicks want LeBron. As I’ve explained before, I’m not really a Cavs fan at heart -- I became one when they got LeBron. It would be significantly more convenient for me if LeBron left Cleveland and signed with New York or New Jersey. I could see him more than a handful of times a year. That said, I’m still rooting for him to stay in Cleveland, because I’ve become attached to the Cavs over the last six years, and I want to see him win a title in Cleveland.