Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings

I have no plans this weekend, so no “Tuesday Countdown” this week, and I’m home sick (Day 6 of the cold from hell, but I can feel it breaking), so I figured I’d clear out some thoughts that have been kicking around my head for the past few days -- or more, in some cases.

-It looks like it’s going to be harder to get to a true BCS Nightmare Scenario, now that Alabama beat LSU (with some more dubious SEC refereeing) and Iowa lost. Still, there is the potential for five unbeatens at the end of the regular season, including three from major conferences. I don’t think most people would object to a Texas-Florida/Alabama national championship game if both are unbeaten, but if there’s a one-loss team in the championship game over one or two unbeatens, people are gonna be pissed. Also, if there really are five unbeatens at the end of the year, there will be even more calls for a playoff.

-I’ll have my full thought’s on Monday’s TV shows later today, but for now, a bit of news from the land of TV: “Eastwick” has been all but cancelled. ABC has said it won’t up its order from the original 13 episodes, and it doesn’t even have all 13 on the schedule. As far as I’m concerned, this is a mercy killing. The show is awful.

-As I mentioned above, I’ve been sick for six days now. I took the first week of November off from work, fully intending to work more on my Covington Curse novel, but instead spending most of the second half of the week unable to look at a screen. For those of you who’ve been waiting for the next short story in the series, it might be awhile, since that “short story” is feeding the plot of the novel. I have to go back and cherry pick introductory elements from the first six short stories so the novel can stand on its own, but the bulk of the story is coming from what would have been the next six short stories. Stay tuned, because I hope to have more regular updates on my progress, and I’d like to have something to share with you by the end of the year.

-I don’t know if you’ve seen the little box on the front page, but I’m on Twitter now (and have been for a couple months). You can follow me at http://www.twitter.com/adamreisinger. Mostly I use it for making sarcastic comments about sports and television. Think of it as AdamReisinger.com Lite (plus, I’ll always send out tweets when I publish an update to this blog or LeBron2010.info).

-Speaking of LeBron, I’ve got one last anecdote to mention from last Friday’s game. Kevin Rudolf provided the halftime entertainment. You may know him from his one hit song, “Let It Rock”, which featured Lil’ Wayne and got completely overplayed at sporting events last year. Well, apparently, New York does not like overplayed one-hit wonders, because they booed the crap out of Rudolf. The boos got particularly loud when a hype man tried to do a call-and-response, subbing for Lil’ Wayne’s verse. Then at the end of the song came the loudest booing I’ve ever heard. Seriously, it was impressive. I can never hear that song again without thinking of the boos.