Series of Tubes: Kevin Michael Richardson is Awesome

A couple years ago, there was an under-appreciated but incredibly funny show on ABC called “The Knights of Prosperity.” The star of the show, in terms of credit and promotion, was Donal Logue, but the man who stole every scene was Kevin Michael Richardson.

If you didn’t watch “Knights of Prosperity”, you probably haven’t seen Richardson much, but I guarantee you that you’ve heard his voice. The guy is a prolific voice actor with an incredible range of voices, but when it comes down to it, the voice of his I love the best is his own.

Last night was a great night for me to get my KMR fix. He did the voice of Jerome on “Family Guy”, and while the episode itself was painfully unfunny, Richardson did the best with the material he was given. Earlier in the night, Richardson’s real voice showed up on “The Cleveland Show”. He does a couple of voices regularly for the series -- which, honestly, hasn’t been good at any point this season -- but last night he used his real voice for “Kevin” the real man behind the “Auntie Mama” character (a mediocre parody of Tyler Perry’s Madea).

Richardson also showed up late last season in a ridiculously hilarious cameo on “How I Met Your Mother”. Basically, whenever he does comedy, he’s awesome (I never saw him on “The Cleaner”, but he was only on one season, and that show wasn’t really up my alley anyway.). If I ever get control of my own sitcom, I’m definitely casting Richardson in a role.