Series of Tubes: Catching up on this week in television

I fell behind on my DVR this week for a number of reasons, not the least of which was a debilitating cold that turned into a migraine that made me not want to stare at a screen at all.

Then, just as I was getting better, I decided to go through with my trip to New York to see LeBron, which was worth it, but brought the cold back, so I basically sat around today in bed -- which actually helped me catch up, since I didn’t have the migraine and was able to just watch TV. So here are some quick-hit thoughts on what I watched:

-V” was really enjoyable. I expected them to drag things out for weeks -- like “FlashForward” or “Lost” -- but instead they blew past all the exposition by jumping ahead three weeks. And while some people are criticizing a supposed anti-Obama agenda in the show, I’d rather just enjoy it as a good sci-fi show.

-Speaking of “FlashForward”, they finally did something that was a key plot point in the books -- people committing suicide to prevent the future they saw (if you’re dead, you obviously don’t have a future, regardless of what happened in a vision). It’s a touchy subject, but I thought the show handled it well. Plus, it gives the characters interesting places to go from here.

-My DVR forgot to record “Bones” and “Fringe”, mostly because it thought there was still a World Series game to be played Thursday (obviously, there was not). I did manage to watch them on Hulu. “Bones” was ok -- I didn’t like the case, but the insecurity of Booth at the end made up for it. “Fringe” spent a lot of time on Broyles’s back story, which was somewhat interesting, but I miss the specific references to The Pattern and the over-arching mystery that drove Season 1. I understand that ratings-wise, those episodes are hard to do, but they’re much better.

-30 Rock” continues to be the funniest show on television. This week’s audition episode was an instant classic. There was a great exchange between Jenna and Tracy when they were discussing the possible new cast member. Jenna said, “He’s evil, Tracy.” Tracy responded, “He’s ‘Evil Tracy’?!” Jenna looked at him all confused, and Tracy finally figured it out. “Oh, he’s evil ‘COMMA’ Tracy.” I laughed so hard that I had to rewind because I missed the subsequent joke (also, I was in pain from laughing because of the cold).

There are some other shows I watched (like “Smallville” and “Eastwick”) but they might have actually re-induced a headache by being so bad, so I’m not going to pay them any more attention.