Rooting for the BCS Nightmare Scenario

I used to do weekly college football rankings on this site, but I stopped this season, mostly because I haven’t watched as much FBS action as I had in the past couple of seasons.

That said, I have been following the season, and I’ve decided that I’m rooting for one of two possible BCS nightmare scenarios:

-Currently, the top 7 teams in the BCS Standings are all undefeated. At least one of them has to lose, since Florida and Alabama are on track to meet in the SEC Championship Game. But if there were six unbeatens at the end of the regular season, that would be one huge mess.
-The other possible mess is this: LSU beats Alabama this Saturday, then goes on to beat Florida in the SEC Championship Game, leaving three one-loss teams in the SEC: Alabama (who wouldn’t even play in the title game in this scenario), Florida (who beat LSU in the regular season, but lost in the title game) and LSU. Would the BCS reward a one-loss SEC team over an unbeaten Iowa, Cincinnati, TCU or Boise State? And is it possible, in that scenario, that Florida (who would likely enter that game at No. 1) could stay in the top 2, despite the loss?

The second scenario lends itself to more of a mess, particularly if Texas loses between now and the end of the season too, but neither scenario is tidy. In the past few seasons, the BCS has lucked out and had things pretty much take care of themselves before Selection Sunday, but they need so much to happen between now and then that it’s more likely we’re headed toward another 2004 (when there were three major conference unbeatens). Of course, the odds of any of this mess leading toward an actual playoff system are nil, so it doesn’t really matter, except for giving us college football fans something fun to talk about for the month between the conference championships and BCS Championship Game.