Tuesday Countdown: T-Minus 84 Hours to Baltimore Comic-Con

For once, my Tuesday countdown isn’t counting down to a concert or sporting event. This week, it’s Baltimore Comic-Con, which should be pretty amazing.

A few months ago, PooZ and I were considering going to this together, but he decided to save his money. I, however, had to take the opportunity to be at a convention where the primary artist, cover artist and editor of Dark Horse’s ongoing “Buffy” series are going to be in attendance.

I haven’t been to a comic convention since PooZ and I took a trip down to Big Apple Con in 2007, so my collection has obviously grown since then. When I did my pull of books to get signed, I had probably close 100. Yes, I am bringing them all. No, I’m not sure how I’m going to manage that many all weekend, but I’m assuming it will involve my hotel room, which is in very close proximity to the event.

Despite the fact that none of my normal con-buddies are going with me, I’m pretty damn excited about this. I’ll keep you posted on the goings-on throughout the weekend, and I’m sure PooZ and I will have a nice podcast afterwards, despite his lack of attendance.