Series of Tubes: Enjoying Guest Stars on “Castle”, “Gossip Girl”

I watch a lot of TV shows for specific actors and actresses. If not for David Boreanaz, I never would have started watching “Bones”. Nathan Fillion was the only reason I started watching “Castle”. I checked out “Mad Men” for Christina Hendricks and added “How I Met Your Mother” to my rotation a few years back solely to get an Alyson Hannigan fix.

Then there are those actors that I don’t specifically follow, but seem to keep popping up on my favorite shows. Last night was a good example of two of them.

I wouldn’t count myself as a Reed Diamond fan. Hell, last night, I had to look up his name on IMDB because I couldn’t remember it. Back in the day, I watched him on “Homicide”, but he was never really the standout of the show for me (Richard Belzer and Andre Braugher usually shared that honor). A few years later he showed up in a supporting role on the short-lived show “Journeyman”. When he did, I remember seeing him and saying “hey, it’s the guy from ‘Homicide’.”

“Journeyman” didn’t last long (but it was amazing, and I highly recommend you pick it up and watch it, if you’re into a good blend of sci-fi and drama). Diamond moved on to “Dollhouse”, and I repeated the process. The first time I saw him on screen, I said to myself, “hey, it’s the brother from ‘Journeyman’.” And the process repeated yet again last night, when he showed up in a guest-starring role on “Castle” and I said “hey, it’s Mr. Dominic from ‘Dollhouse’.”

At no point have I added a show to my DVR with the intention of seeing more Reed Diamond -- he just keeps popping up. I guess that’s part of being a good actor -- you keep getting jobs on good shows.

The same principle applies to to Gina Torres, a slightly bigger star than Reed Diamond, who showed up on last night’s “Gossip Girl”.

Torres earned her fame with the nerd crowd as Zoe on “Firefly”, but my introduction to her was as Anna Espinosa, one of Sidney Bristow’s best foils in the early seasons of “Alias”. In addition to her work on “Firefly” and “Serenity” Torres has also shown up in the Matrix movies and “Angel”.

Torres started making the “Adam’s DVR” rounds last year when she showed up on “Bones”, “Eli Stone” and “Dirty, Sexy, Money” (the latter two of which have since been cancelled). And in the past two weeks she’s appeared on “FlashForward” and “Gossip Girl”. Again, I never plan to watch a Gina Torres guest appearance, it just keeps happening.

I’ve had so many negative things to say about this TV season so far, but these kinds of casting choices will always be a positive in my book.