Series of Tubes: “Eastwick” Reaction - I can’t stand Lindsay Price

I want to like “Eastwick”, I really do. But each week, I find myself enjoying it less and less, and I think I’ve finally pinpointed the reason: Lindsay Price.

I mentioned this back when I reviewed the premiere of “Eastwick” a couple weeks ago, but Price -- who has appeared on “Lipstick Jungle” and the previous Rebecca Romijn project “Pepper Dennis” -- was best known to me as Cathy, the one-time over-talking girlfriend on “How I Met Your Mother.”

Ever since I made that mental connection, her character has annoyed me to no end. It doesn’t help that she has been saddled with the dumbest romantic plotline of the three main women, or that her power involves her taking off her glasses and squinting annoyingly. But mostly, I just can’t separate the actress from her previous role.

This has happened to me before. In season 2 of “Bones”, Tamara Taylor joined the cast as Dr. Cam Saroyan. Immediately, I disliked her, but I wasn’t sure why -- aside from the fact that Cam was replacing Dr. Goodman, who I thought was a cool and under-utilized character in Season 1.

After a few episodes, I remembered where I’d seen Taylor before -- she had played Michael’s ex-wife on “Lost” and River’s teacher in the flashbacks in “Serenity”. Those were two characters who the audience was supposed to dislike. That dislike translated to Taylor’s next big role for me, and, honestly, it took about two seasons before I got over it.

I’m not sure “Eastwick” has two seasons for me to get over my dislike of Price (and, again, Lindsay, it’s nothing personal. You’re probably a really nice person. It’s just the one role I ever saw you in before “Eastwick” was both incredibly memorable and incredibly grating. Though, to be fair, you didn’t do yourself many favors with last night’s screaming bit upon seeing your front-page story.). The show itself seems to be working on a slow build to a big dramatic reveal, but the show is shedding viewers weekly (at a more dramatic rate than Romijn is shedding her baby weight). If it survives the season, I’d be surprised.