NBA League Pass Broadband - A Tough Choice

Last year, I bought the NBA League Pass Broadband package (their online version of League Pass, which allows you to see all out-of-market games), and was very happy with it. The one thing I found, though, is that I very rarely watched non-Cavaliers games. Sometimes I would tune in just to justify the value of the package -- which cost $99 for the whole season -- but really, I just used it as a way to follow the Cavs.

Well, this year, the NBA raised the price of the full season League Pass Broadband package, but introduced a new option: “League Pass Broadband Choice”. What’s the “choice” for? Well, the package costs $89 (a $45 savings over the full package) and you get to watch every non-national TV game for seven teams.

So, I’ve decided I’m definitely getting this package, but I’m having some difficulty picking my seven teams.

The Cavaliers were obviously my first choice. I’d probably pay $89 to just watch all of their games (I’ve done the math, it’s less than $2 a game for the non-national TV games).

Now, I don’t need to add the Celtics, Knicks or Nets, since they’re all local teams on my TV service (and thus would be blacked out on NBA LP anyway). So who do I add for my other six teams?

Well, I’m definitely going with the Lakers, since they’re the defending champs. And I want to keep an eye on the Magic, since they beat the Cavs in the playoffs last year (and Dwight Howard is a beast). So that’s 3 down, 4 to go. The Thunder are a fun young team, so I’ll add them. Ditto for the Blazers and Clippers, which brings me up to 6.

Now who gets that coveted last spot? The candidates:
  1. Chicago Bulls: a Central division rival, plus I’d get to watch Derrick Rose. However, they play a lot of games the same time as the Cavs, so I’m not sure how much I’d actually see them.
  2. Miami Heat: yes, they’ve got D-Wade, but other than that, is there a good reason to watch this team?
  3. New Orleans Hornets: I love Chris Paul, but I watched this team some last year, and they just frustrated me (and I’ll have enough of that with this year’s Cavs)
  4. Golden State Warriors: mostly so I can make more Monta Ellis mo-ped/ankle jokes
I’ve got until Sunday to decide, so if you’ve got any advice -- or want to make a case for a team not listed above -- just let me know.